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How it Works

Our eCard Shop greetings work with our OnLetterhead and OnMarketer email software. When you sign up you’ll receive access to our eCard Shop gallery of greetings, then you choose which ones you want to add to your account.Type your message on the greeting to personalize it, and click send.



Everyone knows that sending a personal greeting is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and prospects. With OnLetterhead eCards, we provide you with a quick and easy way to send professional holiday messages that your customers will appreciate. It plugs into your existing system and allows you to spread the cheer with a click of the mouse!
Try us today and see just how easy it is.

benefits_circle1 Works with OnLetterhead and OnMarketer.
Our eCards with our OnLetterhead and OnMarketer software so it is easy to use and you send email like you always have! Send eCards to one or one hundred.. or more!
benefits_circle2 Personalize by adding Photos and your Logo.
Many of our eCards allow you to upload and display your photo and your company’s logo. So whether you are sending a greeting to a friend or client, it will always have a personal touch.
benefits_circle3 Send eCards to your entire list in minutes.
Filling out greeting cards, stamping them and mailing them is a time consuming hassel. Now you can send your entire list a friendly greeting whenever you want in only minutes when you use eCards with OnMarketer or OnLetterhead Pro!
benefits_circle4 Track every eCard sent.
If you choose to send eCards with OnMarketer or OnLetterhead Pro you can track everyone that you send. You can view full reports on who received them, how many opens, clicks and more!
benefits_circle1 Helping the planet just feels good.
Not only will you save paper from tradional cards and envelopes, but think of the other enviromental stresses that are caused from things like the gas for delivery and toxic inks from prinitng. Sending eCards is definately a greener choice.


Can I add my logo?
Yes, all designs that are listed under the “Corporate” categories have a spot for you to include your logo.

How many designs can I have in my account at one time?
You can have up to 10 different designs in your account at one time.

Are there any limitations?
No, once you pay for the year, you have unlimited access to every design for every holiday and special occasion.

Do I need a license?
Yes, you need a valid Onletterhead or OnMarketer license to send OnLetterhead eCards.


Want to save money this holiday season but still want to send holiday greetings? Sending traditional holiday cards is a great loyalty builder but unfortunately, it is expensive with printing costs, delivery and stamps.With Onletterhead eCards, you have an inexpensive way to spread the holiday cheer for every occasion for a fraction of the price!